The usual business of pre-production movie projects isn't always exciting, except to industry insiders and, well, nerds who read trade publications. But Variety's description of the romantic comedy Ghost Town raises a few batshit-crazy red flags worth noting. First, the writer and director is David Koepp, who's worked on a few comedies here and there but mostly does thrillers, including Mission: Impossible and War Of The Worlds. His last effort as a director was the middling Stephen King adaptation Secret Window, which ended with an ominous close-up of Johnny Depp biting into an ear of corn. (Kind of hard to explain, but amusing.) And now to the plot: Ricky Gervais stars as a "misanthropic dentist who dies for seven minutes during a colonoscopy," then comes back to life with the ability to communicate with the dead, including a ghost played by Greg Kinnear. Let's start over-hyping it now so that it can be a box-office disappointment/cult favorite later!