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Ghost In The Shell movie may have found its white American host body

After at last finding passage out of the tangled matrix of Hollywood’s manga adaptation network by hacking into Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the adaptation of Ghost In The Shell may have at last found the white, American host body that is the only possible vessel for carrying the spirit of Japanese comics. Deadline reports that Margot Robbie is now being sought for the lead role of a covert ops agent for the Japanese National Public Safety Commission who, in the original Ghost In The Shell, was also named Motoko Kusanagi—though obviously all these things are subject to change, in the fluid sense of identity afforded by cybernetic technology and American movie versions. Robbie was most famously seen as Leonardo DiCaprio’s trophy wife in Wolf Of Wall Street, giving her insight into ciphers who are sought out for their anatomies. Should she take on the role, expect the project to move forward quickly to take advantage of all this recent interest in beautiful women having their bodies stolen by hackers, so long as they’re making controversial decisions.


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