Ggoolldd (Photo: Conor Tarnowski)

Ggoolldd knows how to craft earworms out of layered beats, and lead singer Margaret Butler’s floating vocals on the band’s latest single, “Undercovers,” is no exception. Get a first listen below, and check out the rest of Ggoolldd’s output if you haven’t yet. The Milwaukee band is steadily building up an impressive collection of synthpop that stands out thanks to impeccable production and catchy, danceable hooks.

“Undercovers” is the band’s first attempt at fully collaborative songwriting, Ggoolldd drummer Mark Stewart tells The A.V. Club. “Over the last year, we restructured our writing process from the ground up with all five of us contributing ideas. We knew we wanted to take a step in a new sonic direction, so after demoing a version of the song, we enlisted Ben H. Allen to co-produce and mix the final version of the track. We spent three days at his home base, Maze Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, in August, and this is the result.”