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Get your slapping hand ready, because Dynasty is coming back


Prepare your lily ponds for combat and get your catfighting muscles in check, because The CW is bringing Dynasty back to TV. Variety reports that the network has put a remake of the Aaron Spelling-backed ’80s hit into script development, with original creators Esther and Richard Shapiro on hand to executive produce.

Debuting in 1981, Dynasty ostensibly concerned itself with modern-day oil barons and Reagan-era excess. In practice, though, it was all about Joan Collins, laying down sick burns, slapping people, and doling out—in the words of our former TV editor, Todd VanDerWerff—“the absolute finest trash TV had to offer.”


The new series will have to work pretty hard to match Collins’ icy madness, pitting two women—“Fallon Carrington, daughter of billionaire Blake Carrington, and her soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal”—into conflict with each other. Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick—who honed their collective claws on modern-day soaps like Gossip Girl and Revenge—will handle writing and producing duties on the show.

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