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Get your portrait done by the Sweet Valley High cover artist

(Image: Sweet Valley High)
(Image: Sweet Valley High)

If you have ever wanted to be drawn like one of Sweet Valley High’s Wakefield twins, now is your chance. James L. Mathewuse, the cover artist behind the teen series Sweet Valley High created by Francine Pascal, is taking commissions.

Over the course of his career, Mathewuse has been hired to create the covers for over 400 titles, from Sweet Valley High to Nancy Drew to Hardy Boys. One of his first jobs, he told Tallahassee Magazine in an interview, was a portrait of President John F. Kennedy.

Pastel portraits start at $200, and the consultation is free. Before putting pastel to paper, Mathewuse does his best to nail down the theme of the piece, or his subjects. When it comes to book covers, he says:

The art director usually sends me the entire manuscript to read with a rubber band around the loose pages, or he sends me a synopsis of the book. I read it and sometimes get my friends or daughter to read it so I can get the story down… You are selected carefully by the art director for your particular talent as an artist. It isn’t a coincidence.


Mathewuse’s website has all his contact information, as well as tons of source material to help determine the look you may be going for, which could be related to any themes that seem to be popping up in your life. Been betrayed lately?

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