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Get your first look at 24: Legacy, Lethal Weapon, Prison Break, and more

24: Legacy (Photo: Fox)
24: Legacy (Photo: Fox)

Now that we know what Fox will unleash on its viewers for the 2016-2017 season, it’s time to take our first look at the adaptations, reality competitions, and revivals/reboots that are in order. The premiere dates haven’t been announced yet, but Fox released trailers for its 12 new series, including the Corey Hawkins-led countdown of 24: Legacy, the new evil in The Exorcist, and the latest great escape on Prison Break. Here are several of the trailers, and you can find the rest in the schedule announcement.


First up is an introduction to the new Detectives Riggs (Rectify’s Clayne Crawford) and Murtaugh (Damon Wayans, Sr.), who learn to work together despite their odd-cop-couple ways in Lethal Weapon.

A new day has dawned, but it’s counter-terrorism business as usual in the CTU. Corey Hawkins stars in 24: Legacy as Eric Carter, an ex-Army Ranger who’s having trouble reentering his life in the States. Lucky (or not) for him, it looks like he won’t be given a chance to get too comfortable anyway.

In The Exorcist series, a priest (Alfonso Herrera) on Chicago’s South Side is given a spiritual challenge that’s more than he can handle—one or more of his parishioners might be possessed. At least, that’s what the girl’s mother (Geena Davis) fears. So he enlists the aid of a kind of modern-day Templar Knight (Ben Daniels), to reclaim the girl’s soul.

If you’re wondering how the Prison Break limited series could feature a captive Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) again, this trailer won’t provide much of an answer beyond “just ’cause”. But retconning aside, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is gearing up for another daring rescue.

Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show remake was also teased with a trailer that includes a special guest appearance from Tim Curry himself (though not as himself). Laverne Cox has taken over as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Adam Lambert’s playing Eddie, and Nickelodeon/Disney “vets” Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartan are the new Brad and Janet.

Finally, there’s the Adam Pally vehicle, Making History, from Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. Pally plays time-travelin’ man Dan, who jumps around various historical eras, wooing colonial women with Celine Dion lyrics. Leighton Meester and The Carmichael Show’s Yassir Lester co-star.

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