As we reported a couple weeks back, hip-hop luminary Ghostface Killah went on a Twitter spree in mid-November offering top-flight fashion advice for his 89,000 followers. A commenter pointed out the material had appeared elsewhere last year, but it apparently dates all the way back to Ghost's 2007 book and a post on AllHipHop called "The World According to Pretty Toney audio book exert [sic]." Never mind the origins, because Ghostface's advice is eternal. On Sunday, he went on another tweet spree, this time addressing proper showering protocol and making a surprising soap recommendation.

Y'all niggaz that be fuckin with that bird bath shit thinkin y'all clean, like you just gonna go in the bathroom & wash your nuts your face
12:05 PM Nov 21st via web

Thats not cleaning yourself. I don't give a fuck how much soap you put on your little bird ass chest nigga. It ain't working my nigga.
12:06 PM Nov 21st via web

Nah mean, get your ass in the shower son. Get between your toes nigga. Wipe your ass nigga.
12:07 PM Nov 21st via web

And when you get in the shower for niggas that don't know how to take showers, wash your fuckin face first man. THEN wash your nuts.
12:09 PM Nov 21st via web

Don't wash your nuts and then wash your face. You feel me! You goin' backwards. A lot of y'all niggas ain't know that shit! Nah mean.
12:10 PM Nov 21st via web

And scrub hard! Scrub your balls hard nigga, scrub your little dirt off your ankles that when you was a lil kid u couldn't get em off & shit
12:11 PM Nov 21st via web

Shit kept sticking there even tho how hard you tried haha. For y'all niggas that got that shit, y'all niggas ain't clean man. Word up man!
12:12 PM Nov 21st via web

And have a bitch getcha back. Cuz your back is dirty son! The back of your ass and the back of your back. Scrub that shit nigga.
12:14 PM Nov 21st via web

Clean your ass with the best soap. The best soap from the heavens above nigga. That's Dove!
12:15 PM Nov 21st via web


That last one sounds a little like Smoove B wrote it, no? The question now: When will Dove realize the potential here and hire Ghostface as a spokesman?