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Get wrecked by this 4-year old's tragic song about hungry, lovestruck dinosaurs

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Sad songs are the best songs. The only good songs are about death and heartbreak. This is an indisputable fact. And that’s why Fenn, the 4-year old daughter of English songwriter Tom Rosenthal, is going to be wildly successful.


Rosenthal took to Twitter on Tuesday to share Fenn’s “first ever solo song,” a minute-long ballad with lyrics she penned herself called “Dinosaurs In Love.” With her dad on piano, Fenn sings a song that begins with a bit of toddler-y precociousness—“Dinosaurs eating people”—before careening into a tragic, existential meditation on the bonds that so unceremoniously vaporize in the face of tragedy (e.g.: a meteor wiping out your species).

Grab some tissues and hit play.


“She came to me with the idea of write ‘a’ song but then once we started she came up with the dinosaur angle and ran with it,” Rosenthal told us over e-mail, though he has “no idea” where she learned about dinosaurs.

Will there be more songs? Of course, but, being a songwriter himself, Rosenthal knows you can’t force the muse. “I usually do songs with her sister and her together so they’ll be more of those I hope,” he says. “But I won’t push it. They just come to me when they want to do one!”

Here’s the lyrics, should you want to tattoo them along your torso or forearm:

“Dinosaurs eating people/dinosaurs in love

Dinosaurs having a party/they eat fruit and cucumber

They fell in love/ They say ‘thank you’

A Big Bang came/and they died

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs fell in love/but they didn’t say goodbye

but they didn’t say goodbye”

Rosenthal’s mentions are filled with praise, mainly of the “this is the saddest shit I’ve ever heard” variety. Even London’s Natural History Museum chimed in, declaring that “we’re not crying you’re crying.”


It’s official: “Baby Shark” is out. “Dinosaurs In Love” is in.

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