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Get to know the Proud Boys, courtesy of All Gas No Brakes

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Arguably no one is better capturing the Trump era in all its miserable, absurd ingloriousness than Andrew Callaghan and his All Gas No Brakes roadshow. We’ve written up a number of his terrifying pit stops—furry conventions, Flat Earther gatherings, COVID-flaunting Fourth of July throwdownsbut his most recent trip qualifies as one of his scariest. This past weekend, Callaghan shared a new AGNB entry that sees him wandering into Portland (“...again,” he reminds us glumly) to attend a Proud Boys rally, where he gets to know some of the self-described “Western Chauvinists” that Trump regularly dogwhistles definitely knows nothing about.

“If you make me look like a jackass, I’m gonna come for you,” says one Proud Boy early on in the clip. “What are you gonna do?” Callaghan responds, despite us screaming at our computer screens for him to get the hell out of there. “I’m probably gonna beat the shit out of you...never fuck with me.” Said Proud Boy then shrieks his loyalty to White Claw hard seltzers, and we’re so very, very tired.

Watch it below.

Callaghan’s video dropped roughly around the same time that the #proudboys hashtag was overrun by a flood of LGBTQ users, demonstrably altering the hashtag’s general tone. Those Proud Boys are legitimately doing God’s work.


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