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Get skeptical with this techno remix of dialogue from The X-Files

Dana Scully from The X-Files was one of TV’s great skeptics, a rational investigator who never let a ridiculous claim by partner Fox Mulder go by without exposing it to her rigorous scrutiny. While Mulder, played with cocky derangement by David Duchovny, was willing to let himself be swayed by flights of fancy or mythical tales, for Gillian Anderson’s Scully, it always came back to the science. Science. Sci-science.

That’s the thumping, pounding takeaway of “Scully Likes Science,” put together by Ryan English, which strings together dozens of instances of Agent Scully’s love of science—and willingness to dismiss her partner’s bullshit-of-the-week as “science fiction”—into one pretty catchy techno song. And the video gets bonus points for including shots of both Mulder standing super weirdly on some stairs from classic second season episode “Humbug,” as well as the smoking alien from “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.”

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