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Get schwifty with songs from Rick And Morty, now available online

The giant head in the sky commanded “Show me what you got!” and lo, did Earth comply with some of the sweetest jams ever conceived. At least, that was the plot of the fifth episode of Rick And Morty’s second season, “Get Schwifty.” In it, professional mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty are tasked with coming up with a hit, catchy song to appease a giant head from deep space. Thus they work together to come up with “Get Schwifty.”

And then later, when it’s revealed that it’s all a reality competition, they are forced to come up with yet another jam. And thankfully for anyone who’s had the tracks stuck in their head for a few days, both of those songs are now available to stream and download to appease the giant heads within everyone.


And the other song, “Head Bent Over.”

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