This one requires little setup, beyond our ringing endorsement, so here it goes: Below is a parody of one of those “EXTREME COOL KID” ads so prevalent when selling junk food and toys to the children of the ’90s. If you remember those heady days when liquid metal kids roamed the countryside, searching for Capri Suns and Bagel Bites to power their kickflips and skateboard pranks, you’ll smile at the smirking mom gently sassing her backwards-hatted youths. Then you’ll probably stop smiling, because, in case the “(Uncensored)” tag in the video’s title didn’t tip you off, thing are about to take a turn for the worse. Kudos to RocketJump and director Dez Dolly for their commitment to a premise, and for forcing us to dust off the adjective “Cronenbergian” once again.