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Get ready, golden gods: It’s Y2K Week here at The A.V. Club

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Society might have jumped the gun by about 20 years when it predicted the menacing arrival of a society-toppling virus, but it did manage to cultivate some pretty iconic pop culture. While we’re taking the downtime to revisit some tried-and-true favorites, we cannot think of a more opportune moment to celebrate the frost-tipped, digital wonder that was the year 2000. Break out your evil-ass low-rise jeans, Toros, because The A.V. Club is officially celebrating Y2k Week.


All week long we’ll be looking back at some of the most resonant cultural markers of 2000, from film to fashion, Destiny’s Child to Dancer In The Dark. As always, we’ll be settling into our butt-grooved couches for 24 hours of quality Y2K television and remembering the best films of the year. After a quick Surge break, Sam Barsanti and William Hughes will fire up the old Playstation 2 and dig into its curious slate of launch titles. And it wouldn’t really be Y2K Week without a nostalgic glance at everyone’s favorite group of freaks and geeks. Don’t worry, TV editor Danette Chavez has you covered.

Joining our yearly installment of Off The Charts this year is a new Inventory, On The Charts. As you can probably tell from the title, we’ll be replaying some of the most enduring Billboard-certified hits from 2000, a task that forced us to actually choose between multiple Dr. Dre bangers, like animals. Did we have to leave a few hits behind? Possibly! Thankfully, there will be plenty of space and opportunities for you to rightfully stump for your treasured favorites, dear reader. Napster, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, a few emphatic karaoke rounds of “Thong Song”... it’s all here, folks, and it’s good.


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