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Get ready for pure, undiluted McConaughey in this trailer for Harmony Korine's Beach Bum

Every once in a while, an actor finds a role that they embody perfectly. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, Gregory Peck is Atticus Finch, and now Matthew McConaughey is stoner poet Moondog in Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum. Yes, despite what you may think, this trailer is not for a documentary about Matthew McConaughey’s life as a perpetually high, fanny pack-wearing weirdo who spends all of this time chilling in the sun with his buddies Snoop Dogg and Isla Fisher. It’s actually a trailer for the new film from Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine, and McConaughey is just playing a perpetually stoned fanny pack-wearing weirdo. Although, Indie Wire does point out that Snoop once—“once”—swapped out the fake prop weed for some real stuff, so McConaughey was actually high for at least some of the filming.


Anyway, The Beach Bum also stars Zac Efron and Jimmy Buffet, so it should be a weird one.

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