In what’s sure to spark only eminently civil conversation about the actor’s merits as a screen presence and nothing more, The Wire’s Reg E. Cathey (who currently has a recurring role on House Of Cards) is joining the cast of Fox’s rebooted Fantastic Four as Dr. Franklin Storm—father to former Wire co-star Michael B. Jordan’s Johnny Storm, as well as Kate Mara’s Sue Storm. We have faith in the warm, always-sensitive Internet community that the fact that Dr. Storm, like his son, will be portrayed by an African-American actor—despite being Caucasian in the comics—while his daughter will be played by a Caucasian actress, will all be treated merely as mildly interesting trivia, and won’t be subject to any hyberbolic complaints of any kind.

In fact, what we really hope is that Fantastic Four takes a nod from Louie, and gives us a young white person with a black parent and no explanation whatsoever. Because obviously, comic-book fans aren’t going to care much either way.