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Get ready for more incest action as Lifetime ramps up Flowers In The Attic sequel

Seemingly pretty confident its upcoming Flowers In The Attic adaptation will be a hit, Lifetime announced at the TCAs this week that it’s already planning another one for the sequel, Petals On The Wind. The next movie will also be penned by Kayla Alpert, from the V.C. Andrews book of the same name. Alpert characterized Petals, which takes place about 10 years after the events of Flowers, as “a very juicy compelling revenge drama.” And if Flowers isn’t whacked-out enough for you, don’t miss Petals: Andrews’ sequel features even more incest, yet more filicide, love affairs with parental figures, a variety of mental breakdowns, and also some ballet. Oh, and a scheme that makes Emily Thorne's Revenge plots look like a Secret Santa effort. (It might also be worth a look if you want to see the sort of thing that’s currently being mocked by The Spoils Of Babylon.) Anyway, the time jump will likely necessitate recasting the female lead, Cathy, thereby releasing poor Kiernan Shipka from this particular horrible, horrible family.

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