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Get ready for Chelsea all at once as Handler reportedly close to signing deal with Netflix

Earlier this month, CBS told Chelsea Handler that their friendship is such a special thing, they wouldn’t want to ruin it by giving her a late-night hosting job at the network. This came shortly after Handler very publicly broke up with E!, the network that hosted her talk show Chelsea Lately for eight vodka-besotted seasons. So now she’s on the rebound, and after meeting with any network that was willing to pay for dinner, Handler has reportedly decided to settle down with Netflix.

Variety reports that Handler is close to inking a deal with the subscription video service, which is currently awash in money because America would cancel their subscription but it lost its password and it’s only nine bucks so whatever. Netflix does seem to be committed to proving Christopher Hitchens wrong with its new, ramped-up comedy slate, which also includes Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s new sitcom Grace And Frankie; however, Netflix’s “binge watching” model, where entire series are released at once, does raise questions about Handler’s as-yet-hypothetical show. Chelsea Lately’s talk show format doesn’t lend itself to all-day marathons, so either Netflix would have to change for Chelsea or Chelsea would have to change for Netflix (who’s excited for a Are You There, Chelsea reboot?!) . Either way, she’s busy typing up an outline for her new book It’s Not Me, It’s Netflix as we speak.


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