Steven Universe

Fans of Steven Universe can count on at least two things in regards to the show’s production: plenty of earworms, as well as a frustrating episode schedule. Cartoon Network does release the occasional Steven Bomb to tide viewers over, and this spring saw the littlest Gem (hybrid) get “In Too Deep” in a 4-week week event. But now there are rumblings—well, tweets—which indicate that this summer will be more abundant in fun and fusions. Last week, the network announced that all new episodes of Steven Universe are coming July 18:


As promising as that rhetorical question may be, io9 dug further in the social media landscape to find this tweet from Steven Universe writer Matt Burnett, which suggests that season three will air in its entirety this summer.

The promos are out there - Steven Universe is airing new episodes almost every weeknight for over a month - all of Season 3 is coming!

— Burnett (@mcburnett) July 5, 2016

A month of (week)nightly episodes of Steven Universe might sound too good to be true, but neither Cartoon Network nor series creator Rebecca Sugar has issued a statement to refute the claim. So let’s just hope that the “Summer Of Steven” goes more swimmingly than the summer of George.