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Get pumped for The Matrix 4's premiere with this 2003 news report featuring Reloaded cosplayers

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We still have a ways to go before The Matrix 4 arrives at those semi-mythological places from the past that we call “movie theaters,” but it’s never too early to start planning exactly what combination of trench coat, wraparound sunglasses, and combat boots you’re going to wear when it’s time to line up for opening night. Thankfully, a bit of inspiration has arrived in the form of a newly resurfaced video showing devoted fans waiting to see 2003's The Matrix Reloaded in stunning cosplay.

The clip comes from an old NBC news segment on the excitement surrounding the release of the first Matrix sequel. “We had a little fun with this tonight,” the anchor says before presenting a wonderful juxtaposition of footage showing a carefully choreographed fight scene from the movie next to two guys standing outside a theater grunting at one another as they act out some amateur hand-to-hand combat outside the theater.

These guys are more than enough on their own, but after the voiceover informs us that “some Atlanta fans are a little out of this world,” we’re given an extra treat. A row of dudes in sunglasses, leather jackets, and early ‘00s hairdos introduce themselves as Matrix characters, one-by-one. “Nigel, a runner. Noel Pointer, runner,” the first two announce. “Stevens, agent. Simon, a runner,” the next pair continues. It ends with something much more creative than these four, though, introducing us to “Freeman-713.”

“I am a sentinel,” he says in a robot voice before beginning to wiggle a length of aluminum duct with latex gloves attached to it and a slinky up and down.


Freeman-713 is the clear stand-out among these fans, but even the laziest costume from the roll call shows how far you can go with a set of old rectangular Oakleys, a lot of self-seriousness, and a love for the Wachowskis’ sci-fi universe.

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