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Get on your polar bear: HBO's His Dark Materials has a premiere date

Illustration for article titled Get on your polar bear: HBOs iHis Dark Materials /ihas a premiere date
Photo: HBO

It looks like HBO finally awoke from its post-Game Of Thrones slumber and is once again ready to talk about other big-budget sci-fi/fantasy adaptations it has in the works. We just got some very enlightening details on Watchmen a few days ago, and now it has revealed the premiere date for its His Dark Materials show. As announced in a tweet from the show’s official Twitter account, His Dark Materials will be hitting HBO on November 4. That’s about a week before Disney+ and a few days after Apple TV+, so hopefully you’ve already decided by then whether or not HBO still deserves to get your monthly check with all of that new competition. Of course, you could just hold out for HBO Max next April, which is going to be more expensive than those and may or may not even have His Dark Materials, just to make all of this more annoyingly complicated.


Anyway, HBO also released a little teaser that just lists some members of the cast alongside some His Dark Materials imagery (though there is a distinct lack of polar bears). It doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but it is always nice to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name in any context.

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