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Get mesmerized by this morph of every Iron Man armor from the Marvel Universe

Tony Stark’s appeal, both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. and in the comics (where he arguably has much less appeal) is that he’s basically a super-intelligent grease monkey. It’s not at all a subtle point in the films, but there’s a way to read the evolutions from the functional, cobbled together Mark I to the increasingly stylish Mark II silver and Mark III red-and-yellow suits as the evolving sensibilities of a successful car guy. As the film franchise grew, however, so did its penchant for a glut of needless, terrible Iron Man armors, as this M&M tool parts-created GIF morph of every suit from the first Iron Man film through Avengers: Age of Ultron shows. There’s a strong start and a strong finish, but in between there’s a suit called “Blue Steel,” an armor with totally sweet leg tats, and Igor, the ur-Hulkbuster that looks not unlike a certain vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles antagonist, just to name a few in the action figure ready lineup. Admittedly, the sub-orbital suit is pretty cool, but we’d gladly trade the majority of these for one Rescue. Toys are fun, but sometimes the simple designs really are best.


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