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Get jazzed: Jeff Goldblum is making another album

“Who’s got two thumbs and, soon enough, two albums? This guy!”
Photo: Jim Dyson (Getty Images)

While most of the rest of us struggle to be fulfilled in any one area of our lives, Jeff Goldblum has accompanied roles in summer tentpoles and recurring gigs in one of TV’s strangest towns with weekly jazz variety shows at Los Angeles’ Rockwell Table And Stage. His first album, The Capital Studios Sessions, is a charming, earnest tribute to jazz from the longtime musician. Perhaps looking to keep his hot streak on the Billboard charts (for Jazz and Traditional Jazz) going, Goldblum recently announced plans for a sophomore album with his backing band, the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

Per a press release, the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World mainstay shared the news onstage at the Glastonbury festival, as only Jeff Goldblum can:

Getting to do another album with the sweet, sweet, enchanted elves and sprites from Decca has me floating on air, somebody please pinch me (ow, not so hard). I only hope that listeners feel what I felt when we made the record—an explosive release of ecstasy. It’s amazing to let the cat a bit out of the bag here at Glastonbury in the fleshy flesh!”


We don’t know the album title or release date, but it will also be released via Decca Records. 

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