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Get Involved, Internet: Win a brunch with Ringo

The Simpsons

Here’s one for anybody who’s ever wanted to brunch with a Beatle, and doesn’t mind paying for the chance: Omaze has launched its latest “hang out with a celebrity for charity” sweepstakes, offering up the opportunity to hang out with Ringo Starr.

To win your own chance to really, finally dig into what the writing process on “Octopus’s Garden” was like, all you have to do is make a donation to the Peace & Love Fund. Created in Starr’s honor, the group was designed to raise funds to teach Transcendental Meditation techniques to stressed kids in high-risk living situations, and other people who might benefit from the techniques. $10 gets you 100 entries, and there are tiers that also get you various pieces of Ringo-associated swag. The actual brunch will be held on Starr’s birthday, July 7, which he’s asking people to celebrate by holding up a peace sign and shouting ”peace and love.” (That being said, you might want to bring a gift if you win, although be warned: He’s gotten some pretty fab ones from people in the past):

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