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Get Involved, Internet: Vote for Oderus Urungus' likeness to be etched into butter at Riot Fest Chicago

Riot Fest Chicago is barely more than a month away. The festival’s lineup comprises some of the biggest names in rock from the past and present, so naturally there will be a giant butter sculpture. But who will it be? That’s where you come in, Internet.

Until Aug. 12, Do312 is asking people to vote for either John Stamos, GWAR's Oderus Urungus, or Andrew W.K. to have his likeness cast in butter. John Stamos currently has a solid lead, but there’s still time. Wouldn't a GWAR-themed butter statue just be so much better? The detail alone would be stunning.


Votes are limited to one per day, but each vote also counts as an entry to win a pair of tickets to any Riot Fest (Denver, Chicago, or Toronto). 

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