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Get Involved, Internet: This documentary about Divine needs your turd-covered dollars

Tragically, no documentary exists that tells the story of Divine, a.k.a. Harris Glenn Milstead. Instead, fans have been left to learn all they can about the filthiest, most beautiful person to grace midnight-movie screens through his work with John Waters and various books. But now filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz has set out to change that with your help, looking to raise some money for his movie, I Am Divine, on Kickstarter.

Schwarz has the full support of everyone close to Divine, from his family to Waters himself. And his film features interviews with Divine’s friends, archival footage of Divine, and all sorts of insider-y facts—like where the turd came from in Pink Flamingos.


All the filming is done, and now Schwarz needs to raise around $40,000 to pay for editing, music, and, as Divine would have wanted, liquid eyeliner. And he only has 28 days (or “one menstrual cycle”) to do it. The filmmakers are offering great, appropriately strange incentives for supporters, including copies of Divine’s grade school pictures direct from his family, a trashy tour of Baltimore, and lunch with Mink Stole.

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