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Filmmaker Eric Green has set up a Kickstarter campaign to help finish funding Beautiful Noise, a music documentary already eight years in the making. Beautiful Noise explores the powerful influence of shoegaze bands like Cocteau Twins, The Jesus And Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. The feature contains interviews with each of those bands and with other influential acts like Ride and Lush. Additional interviews with Wayne Coyne, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, and Robert Smith make this film sound pretty darn worthwhile.


The film is currently in post-production and needs to raise $75,000 to finance a limited run in theaters, cover distribution fees to film festivals, and release the documentary on DVD and Blu-Ray. There's still nearly $50,000 left to finance the whole thing, so head over to Kickstarter and help fund it. In the meantime, check out Jason Heller's Gateways To Geekery on shoegaze.

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