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Get Involved Internet: Someone buy this kickass Star Wars-themed Dodge van from 1979 on Craigslist

Photo: Tristan Fewing (Getty Images)

Even though folks at Disney swear The Rise of Skywalker will be the decades’ old, nine-episode Skywalker Saga’s final chapter, we know Star Wars isn’t leaving our pop culture consciousness anytime soon (and, c’mon, we all know they’ll eventually think of a way to justify an Episode X somehow). Spin-off films, new movie trilogies, live-action shows, video games, theme parks — you market it, and they will come.

It begs the question, “Just how much money are we willing to shell out to our IP content overlords?” At what point is it enough? For some, that threshold was crossed a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far...sigh). For others, it might be the thought of shelling out close to $150 dollars for a 4-hour Disneyfied excursion through Star Wars Land. (Seriously, all that money spent on marketing and they go with ‘Star Wars Land?’) If we could only reconnect with that purer past when it was just us, our Han Solo bedroom posters, and the original Star Wars films that got us through the difficulties of adolescence—HOLY SHIT, IS THAT A ‘79 DODGE VAN WITH ORIGINAL STAR WARS DETAILING?


Hell yeah it is. Looks like some certified badass over on San Antonio’s Craigslist is selling their original 1979 Dodge “Shorty” van they customized themselves with all manner of Star Wars decals and decorations. Per the classified ad:

“This 1979 Dodge ‘shorty’ van was designed and built two years after the original movie hit the theaters. The van has mostly been stored for many years. The original graphics are in good shape. The graphics on the hood have some cracking due to being face up to the sun. But I think it adds great character.”

Damn right it does, brother. So far the only real drawback we can find is that none of the door handles work properly — “So windows down....or crawl through the back currently.” — but hey, it’s a small, potentially dangerous price to pay, really.

According to the ad, the van still runs pretty well, and will only set you back $9800. Sure, it’s more than a ticket to Star Wars Land, but we swear we’ll chip in for gas every once in a while. Just promise you’ll let us drive it around the block on the weekends.


(via Geekologie)

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