For close to four decades, Troma has been doing God’s work, elucidating the human condition in films like Teenape Vs. The Nazi Monster Apocalypse, Surf Nazis Must Die, Zombie Island Massacre, The Toxic Avenger, and Class Of Nuke ‘Em High. In all that time, Troma has never asked anything of its loyal fans except that they see its movies, attend its annual film festival Tromadance, spread Troma’s low-budget gospel to their friends and families, and purchase whatever self-promoting product that Troma honcho Lloyd Kaufman is pimping.

Now, however, Troma is reaching out to its fans via crowd-funding site Indiegogo and asking them to help raise $50,000 to help take Troma’s kooky cast of characters to France to film Occupy Cannes, a follow-up to the 2002 documentary All You Need Is Cannes—a film about the plucky underdog production company’s efforts to compete against evil multi-national entertainment conglomerates with its new film Return To Nuke ‘Em High. In a slightly hyperbolic appeal, the filmmakers implore potential backers, “You can help Troma hurl a stone right into the forehead of the mainstream movie monopoly on behalf of independent art and commerce.” Not convinced? Then watch the video Troma has made for the campaign, which boasts production values and a level of artistry not often seen outside the promotional videos for The Gathering Of The Juggalos.

The filmmakers are offering nifty prizes ranging from a simple thank you for a buck to an opportunity to stroll down the red carpet at Cannes as Occupy Cannes’ official Executive Producer. Donate now, or Kaufman will be reduced to going door to door shamelessly shilling for himself and his wares, and don’t nobody want that, with the possible exception of Kaufman himself.