Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Along with the Super Bowl each year comes a host of armchair speculation. We sit around, stuffed with weird food and mildly drunk, debating with various family members and acquaintances about topics like passing games versus rush defenses, advertising creative versus ROI, and halftime performances versus relative audience appreciation. Lady Gaga is a solid pick for the halftime show this year, a skilled performer with a handful of huge hits to buzz through. However, a petition is gaining steam to replace her with Migos, the rapidly matriculating Atlanta three-piece whose “Bad And Boujee” has steadily taken over the planet. (The whole album is good, too.)

The petition does not stop there, though, calling for a day-long celebration of Atlanta rap—including Rae Sremmurd, Goodie Mob, Young Thug, Future, and many more—to perform throughout the pre-show concert and halftime show. Since the Super Bowl is in Houston this year, it would all climax in a performance of “Big Pimpin” with the city’s poet laureate, Bun B. Perhaps most inspiring is this demand: “Andre 3000 should sing the national anthem with Erykah Badu. By sing I mean hit Donald Trump with a FIRE 64 bars.” The petition already has over 50,000 supporters and is well on its way to its goal of 75,000, a seemingly arbitrary number but hopefully one high enough to make the NFL take notice, cancel everything with Lady Gaga, hire Migos and all of these other acts, redo all of the lighting and fireworks and shit, and clear “Bad And Boujee” with censors, all within less than a week. If democracy works, we should expect no less.