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Get Involved, Internet: Peel off some bills from your banana stand and help finish this Arrested Development doc

For every canceled cult TV show, there are bound to be some self-proclaimed superfans who kick around the idea of creating a documentary about their beloved piece of pop culture. While many remain pipe dreams (as they should), it has occasionally worked, as with the unofficial “filmumentary” Star Wars Begins. Two filmmakers/Arrested Development enthusiasts set out to make an official take on, wait for it, the fandom and legend surrounding Arrested Development. Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman have gone the distance with their doc, tracking down an impressive array of interviewees, and are in the final stages of finishing their movie. The two have turned to Kickstarter, and need a little extra scratch to secure behind-the-scenes production photos from Fox to round out the film. This relatively modest campaign isn’t poised to even touch the $2,000,000 Veronica Mars Kickstarter, but as of this writing it's very close to meeting its reasonable goal of $20,000 and some change. With a plan for digital distribution in the summer, this looks to be the perfect companion piece to the show’s coming rebirth on Netflix. Just fund it already, COME ON!!


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