The real-life anniversary of Ice Cube's "Good Day" (you didn't know it was scientifically proven to be January 20, 1992?) is upon us yet again, but it won't pass by unnoticed this year. Some delightfully demented souls have decided to crowd-source $25,000, which they hope will convince Goodyear to fly one of its signature airships around the Los Angeles area proclaiming, as it supposedly did on that fateful day more than 20 years ago, that "Ice Cube's a pimp." There is no guarantee that Goodyear would actually sully its giant dirigible with such language, so on the project's Crowdhoster site, there are helpful links to convince Goodyear to play along—which would be nice, considering the money will all go to a charity in South Central Los Angeles that helps children. Unfortunately, the most attractive incentive to help out (besides, y'know, HELPING MAKE THIS AMAZING THING HAPPEN) is sold out: an artistic rendering of "It Was A Good Day"-era Cube, with various nods to the lyrics (including the blimp) above him. Perhaps they'll wise up and make another run of these posters, since the first 100 were snapped up so quickly, and since they're less than halfway to the 25k.