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Get involved, internet: Make a Bob’s Burgers writer see Entourage for charity

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Few things in life are worse than the Entourage movie (we assume), and pediatric cancer is one of them. Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux Drake has managed to blend the two by launching a GoFundMe campaign where, should supporters raise $10,000 for CureSearch, she’ll be forced to go see the Entourage movie, thus subjecting her to what she calls “the worst movie of the year and possibly our lifetime.” It’s a foolproof and selfless plan, though, as Molyneux Drake notes in her GoFundMe writeup, she’ll actually have to see Entourage “in a THEATER FULL OF PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE ENTOURAGE,” so she really is falling on quite a big sword here, even if it’s for charity.


As of this post, Molyneux Drake has raised about $1900, though with quite a few supporters kicking in anywhere from $100 to $150, she’ll hopefully hit her mark soon enough. Big money supporters can earn tickets to see Entourage with either Molyneux Davis or her husband, pictures of Molyneux Davis actually watching Entourage, or copies of her written review of the film. Donors kicking in $15,000 will achieve “Ultimate Turtle” status, earning all the prizes detailed above, a cake baked by Molyneux Davis “to enjoy during the movie,” and “a picture of either Turtle or a turtle signed by Wendy.”

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