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Get involved, internet: Kickstart a “yuge” blow-up rat in front of Trump Tower

Trump looking up at a 15-foot inflatable rat, hopefully. (Photo: Pool/Getty Images)

You’ve probably seen him before, Scabby The Rat. Since 1990 or so, he’s been a frequent attendee of union strikes, manifesting as a 12-foot inflatable with fearsome teeth and poised paws. According to a 2013 history of Scabby from Vice, “The symbol of Scabby appearing at a strike is a clear signal to the public that the management is attacking its workforce and the public by using unfair and unsafe practices.”

Unfair and unsafe? Hey, that sounds sort of familiar! After all, our current president, Donald J. Trump, is currently working to strip people of their health care when he’s not pushing conspiracy theories.


Inspired by Scabby, New York gallery Bravinlee Programs is currently running a Kickstarter to raise $10,000 for a 15-foot, suit-wearing Trumpy The Rat inflatable, which would reside outside Trump Tower in New York but also be available to appear at protests and rallies. Backers can expect rewards such as a “‘commemorative Trumpy the Rat shirt and a Trump Rat Inflation Picnic,’” in addition to original artwork by designer Jeffrey Beebe.

Apparently, they’re even working to design an inflatable piece of scotch tape to ensure Trumpy’s tie won’t billow in the wind.

Image: Jeffrey Beebe Trumpy The Rat Sketch, 2017

According to the Kickstarter, “There is no financial gain for BravinLee, Jeffrey Beebe or for anyone involved in this initiative. Beyond the obvious our larger purpose is to show how artists, art and the creative community can play a meaningful role during these dark times. WE ARE THE ONES THAT NEED TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN—OR AT LEAST AS OKAY AS IT WAS LAST YEAR!”


With 26 days to go, the project is at $4,000 of its $10,000 goal, which bodes well for the creation of this delightful monstrosity. Here’s hoping Trump catches wind of this, as it seems nearly anyone he attacks on Twitter tends to benefit financially.

[via Boing Boing]


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