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Get Involved, Internet: Help WFMU upgrade its Free Music Archive

One of the best things about the internet is its vast supply of free stuff. The thing about free stuff, though, is that someone at some point actually does have to pay for it, especially in the world of digital media. That’s why Wikipedia puts up those messages asking for donations that everybody ignores. It needs to buy virtual boxes to store all of those articles in.

Of course, giving money to Wikipedia is kind of boring, but now another beloved source of free internet entertainment is in need of your money: WFMU’s Free Music Archive. For years, the Free Music Archive has offered legal downloads and streams of thousands of audio recordings, but after realizing that the service “has not seen significant changes since its launch,” WFMU has decided to overhaul the site. Specifically, that means updating the site’s audio player, allowing people to search for artists and albums instead of just tracks (which really seems like a helpful addition), and introducing support for audio formats other than MP3 (the Walmart of audio formats).


The site’s pledge drive will run until the middle of December, and those interested in donating can head over to the Free Music Archive’s donation page. If you give enough money, you can even get a sticker or t-shirt, which is way better than the nothing that donating to Wikipedia gets you.

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