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Illustration for article titled Get Involved, Internet: Help WFMU recover from Hurricane Sandy with its emergency pledge drive

If you care about music and the continued viability of independent radio, you’ll want to support Jersey City’s beloved WFMU, the longest-running freeform radio station in the country. When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast last week, WFMU was hit extraordinarily hard: Floodwaters from the Hudson River surrounded its headquarters in Jersey City’s Exchange Place neighborhood, power was knocked out for a week on its primary transmitter, and much of its equipment was damaged due to brownouts. On top of that, the station had to cancel its Record Fair, a popular and lucrative source of annual fundraising.


WFMU is currently holding an emergency pledge drive to help pay for the damages and fully restore the station to its former glory. And as with all WFMU pledge drives, there are many rewards for donating, including various Dee-Jay premiums and a Best Show Hurricane Recovery T-shirt, for fans of Tom Scharpling’s indispensible Tuesday-night broadcast. So do the right thing: Open up your hearts and open up your wallets.

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