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Get Involved, Internet: Help Vera Drew reimagine The Joker as a queer coming-of-age story

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We’re big fans of Hot Topics With Vera Drew, a web series that exists solely to help editor and comedian Vera Drew, a “30-year-old woman finally having her emo phase,” get sponsored by Hot Topic. We’re not big fans, however, of Hot Topic, which, after four episodes, has yet to sponsor Drew (following her on Twitter is not the same, Hot Topic).

As such, we can’t blame Drew for taking after a certain Clown Prince of Crime—in today’s episode of Hot Topics, Drew formally announced her intention to make The People’s Joker, a crowd-sourced feature film that will “singlehandedly destroy capitalism” by reimagining Todd Phillips’ The Joker as a “queer coming-of-age story about being trans and working in comedy.” And, to ensure she doesn’t get sued, she needs your help.

In the above video, Drew says she’ll be drawing upon and subverting 2019's Joker and other iterations of the character, with a special emphasis on Jared Leto’s bonkers turn in Suicide Squad. “No, I don’t have permission to use his likeness,” says Drew, “but the way I see it, letting me do this is his way of apologizing to the trans community for Dallas Buyers Club.”


Drew will play both The Joker and Harley Quinn in her telling, and Tim Heidecker will co-star as a conspiracy theory talk show host in the vein of Alex Jones. Gonzo editor Vic Berger and some Everything Is Terrible! contributors will lend a hand with editing, while Doug “DJ Douggpound” Lussenhop and Awesome Show! alum David Liebe Hart will contribute to the score.

Drew needs more help, however, and that’s where you factor in. “I am opening up the creative process to any and all quarantined artists, musicians, and filmmakers who want to contribute to my vision,” she says. “I don’t wanna make a dime off this. I’m doing this for my mental health. I just wanna share my story and connect with a bunch of other sad, unemployed artists who are stuck at home.”

Visit the project’s official site here, where Drew unpacks what she’s looking for from any editors, artists, actors, musicians, or found footage collectors who’d like to volunteer. Jokerfication is encouraged, though not required.

Watch the latest episode of Hot Topics below.

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