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Illustration for article titled Get Involved, Internet: Help turn Kurt Cobains boyhood home into a museum

A Nirvana fan from Portland, Oregon is seeking funds to turn Kurt Cobain’s childhood home into a museum. Journalist Jamie Dunkle is using GoFundMe to raise $700,000 to purchase the home and hire a curator. As of this post, Dunkle has only raised $200 in the past 18 days. While Dunkle’s quest certainly seems insurmountably lofty, it’s at least noble, with Dunkle noting in her listing that she’s trying to make “sure this house is memorialized by us fans so it doesn’t end up in the clutches of capitalist greed,” and that the museum “will reflect the anti-commercialism spirit of Nirvana.”


Rewards for donating to the museum include both lifetime and one-year memberships, a Cobain t-shirt handmade by Dunkle, and tickets to a Die Antwoord concert. For $1,000, donors get a lifetime membership, a t-shirt, and a sleepover in the museum after it’s built.

Dunkle posted a video of the house’s interior to YouTube, and while the lighting’s not exactly great, it is an interesting look at Cobain’s boyhood room, with its scrawled phrases like “communication breakdown!” and “Old [sic] English 800.”

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