(Image: Tight Five Productions)

Do you like to laugh at professionally funny people? If so, there’s a good chance at least some of those funny people got their start through The Lincoln Lodge, a comedy venue in Chicago that featured people like Pete Holmes, Kumail Nanjiani, Kyle Kinane, and Cameron Esposito before they were famous. The Lincoln Lodge is run by Tight Five Productions, a nonprofit that helps up-and-coming comedians organize events and hone their talents, but it has unfortunately lost its home now that the diner that hosted The Lincoln Lodge has closed down.

To try and continue its mission of supporting young comics, Tight Five has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for a new theater. The organization is looking to raise $30,000 to pay for permits, licenses, and the other boring stuff you need to take care of when building something, but it has enlisted certified funny person T.J. Miller to explain all of this in an entertaining way:


You can find more information at this link, including what sort of rewards you can get for donating. (If you give enough, they’ll let you do whatever you want!)