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Get Involved, Internet: Help Shelley Duvall get back on her feet

(Photo: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Yesterday we reported on Dr. Phil McGraw’s ongoing efforts to further monetize his own lack of shame by trotting a clearly mentally ill Shelley Duvall out in front of the cameras under the pretense of offering her some of his signature brand of exploitative “help.” Numerous people criticized McGraw’s “therapy” as an obvious ratings grab, including Vivian Kubrick, the daughter of Duvall’s The Shining director, Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick posted a scathing letter on Twitter yesterday denouncing Dr. Phil for posting excerpts from Duvall’s interview, and displaying her illness to the world as part of his “utterly heartless form of entertainment.”

Now, Kubrick is putting together an effort to give some concrete assistance to Duvall. Kubrick has organized a GoFundMe drive in the actress’ name, in the hope that the funds might put her “back on the road to independence.” Kubrick’s post doesn’t list any details about how, exactly, the money will be used—whether it’ll be delivered directly to Duvall, or if it’ll be used to pay for treatment for her obvious illness—but the campaign has already raised $4,250 in just a few hours.


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