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Get Involved, Internet: Help send Queer Eye's Jess back to college

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Fans up-to-date on Netflix’s endlessly delightful Queer Eye will already be familiar with the story of Jess Guilbeaux, a 23-year-old self-described “lumberjack lesbian” who serves as the subject of the series’ third-season episode “Black Girl Magic.” Early in the episode, Jess—who was abandoned by her adopted parents at the age of 16 after she came out as gay—notes that she was forced to drop out of college several years ago due to mounting debts. But while Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby, and Jonathan can help guide people toward solutions to plenty of the things that are holding them back in life, dropping a hundred grand to clear out their student loan balance typically isn’t one of them.

But the collective force of the internet can do exactly that, which is why someone has launched a GoFundMe on Jess’ behalf, with an aim toward raising $100,000 to help her go back to school and earn a degree in computer science. The campaign has already raised more than $32,000, ensuring that Jess will at least be able to make a firm start toward kicking ass in her continuing education, and prompting the rest of us to develop an accuse case of what the boys might call “the feels.”


You can donate to Jess’ campaign here.

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