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Get Involved, Internet: Help re-launch the video game magazine Kill Screen

Cover of the relaunched Kill Screen

For years, the hippest name in video-game criticism (in a good way) has been Kill Screen, an independent Kickstarter-funded magazine that presents a more intellectual take on the usual list of Mortal Kombat cheat codes and reviews inexplicably attributed to cartoon characters that you find in your average video game magazine—assuming you can find an average video game magazine these days. Now, Kill Screen is returning to Kickstarter to relaunch its magazine “bigger, bolder, and better looking than ever before.”

To accomplish that, the Kill Screen people are looking to raise $68,000 by December 8, and they’ve already raised a little over $20,000. Backers who pledge a certain amount will not only get free copies of the magazine, but also a chance to be enrolled in a monthly game club in which you and other nerds will play a specific game and then chat about it together. At $1,000, you can get a lifetime subscription to the magazine, and if you pledge $2,500 they’ll even put your name on the inside cover of an issue like you were a real publisher.


The Kickstarter page has more information about what Kill Screen plans to do with the money and the magazine’s staff, as well as the usual video with people talking about why they need your money.

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