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Illustration for article titled Get Involved, Internet: Help P.O.S. pay for his kidney transplant

When P.O.S. announced last week that he needed a kidney transplant, he said he might reach out to fans to ask for money or even to donate their own kidneys. While the latter hasn’t happened yet, friends of the Minneapolis rapper have started an online campaign to help alleviate his medical bills. Transplants and aftercare don’t come cheap, after all, and the fundraisers are looking to top out somewhere around $25,000. All money donated will go directly to P.O.S., whether it’s to pay his actual bills or offset his expenses while recovering from surgery.


While the whole situation is pretty dire, there is some good news: According to the donation page, “Stef has found several strong candidates for kidney donation.” Additionally, in just one day, the campaign has raised almost $4,000, most of this from $10 and $20 donations. While the campaign will be up for the next 120 days, he could probably use the money sooner than later, so anyone so inclined should donate post haste.

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