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Get Involved, Internet: Help fund an R-rated animated movie from the Superjail studio

The Adventures Of Drunky

It’s been a few years since Superjail delighted/baffled Adult Swim viewers. But now Augenblick, the animation studio behind that show’s first season (as well as Ugly Americans, Golan The Insatiable, and others), has announced a crowdfunding campaign to pay for a big-screen, R-rated animated comedy called The Adventures Of Drunky. Billed as “the first animated feature film ever made in Brooklyn” if that’s a thing that matters to you, Drunky will tell the story of “a hapless barfly” who has to travel through heaven and hell (literally) to save the woman he loves after God and the Devil make some kind of “cosmic bet” that manages to “destroy his life.”

Augenblick has an all-start cast lined up for Drunky, with Sam Rockwell starring as Drunky himself and Jeffrey Tambor and Steve Coogan playing God and the Devil. Dave Attell, Tyler The Creator, John Leguizamo, Jon Glaser, Noel Wells, Jay Pharoah, and James Adomian will show up as well, playing characters with names like “Oscar The Cat,” “God’s Brother Dave,” “Zongo,” and “Ashley.”


The studio is looking to raise at least $100,000 and is running its campaign through Indiegogo, which means it’ll get all of the money that’s donated even if it doesn’t reach that goal. Also, the $100,000 is only a small fraction of what will actually be required to make Drunky, with the campaign’s page noting that it will only cover “design and thumbnails.” If it beats that, though, it has a bunch of stretch goals going all the way up to funding the entire production for $2 million.

The backer rewards for Drunky include the usual free copy of the movie, T-shirt, and chance to go to the movie’s premiere. But there’s also fun stuff like getting a list of Steve Coogan’s “favorite Devil movies” for $25, getting cursed at over the phone by Dave Attell for $35, an opportunity to be drawn into the movie, and even “eternal damnation,” which you can get for donating $666,666.

You can find more information about Drunky at its Indiegogo page.

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