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Get Involved, Internet: Help fund an open-world PC game about mystery-solving cats

There are combat games, racing games, and viral flavor-of-the-month games. Now in development? An open-world mystery game where you play as nine different cats. It’s called Peace Island, and it’s being independently created by Eric Blumrich, a Line Cook from Portland, ME, according to his Patreon. He and his co-developer, Laura Mackey, worked on the game alone at first, but now they’re backed by a team of about six people thanks to the nearly $13,000 per month they’re pulling in via cat-loving fans. The game is currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Oculus VR.

The story begins when the cats of the world wake up to discover that all their humans are gone. They start off slow with regular cat antics and mini-games that include staring at walls, but soon find themselves asking big questions, such as, “Are the humans worth bringing back?” Maybe, we imagine, but only for rubs and food’s sake. Also, whose glasses will they knock off the desk? Whose rugs and laptops will they puke on?

Donate $25 to their Patreon and you’ll receive a “postcard set, access to the Beta [version of the game], and the full game upon release.” It’s a pretty good offer for what looks to be a cool-as-hell open-world PC game. Controlling your own cat is a fool’s errand, so at least Peace Island offers you some semblance of power.

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