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Get Involved, Internet: Help fund a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater documentary

Screenshot: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

After the debacles that were Tony Hawk Ride and the attempted-reboot of Pro Skater 5, it can be hard to remember just how acclaimed and influential the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series was in its heyday. Not only were these games massive hits, they put tons of eyes on skateboarding as a culture and sport. Nearly 18 years after the series’ debut, one of its veteran developers is attempting to crowdfund a documentary shining a new light on that impact.

Called Pretending I’m A Superman—yes, the title is based on “Superman” by Goldfinger, which was included on the original game’s soundtrack—the film is being created by Ralph D’Amato, a former producer on the series, and Ludvig Gür, a short-film and music video director. The duo aims to tell the story of the series’ creation and influence, as told by the game developers and professional skateboarders behind it. The project’s IndieGoGo page mentions it’ll span the franchise’s entire history, so one has to presume it’ll also delve into its sad, slow death.


The filmmakers claim production is 20 percent complete, with interviews from Tony Hawk, fellow pro skater and THPS playable character Rodney Mullen, and series producer Scott Pease already in the bag. The duo are looking to raise $75,000 to help finish the rest. If it meets that goal, the creator’s aim to have it released by Fall 2018, preceded by a run around the festival circuit and a special early release for campaign backers. As of this writing, the campaign has brought in $8,700.

[via Glixel]

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