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Get Involved, Internet: Help fund a “fresh look” at the Star Wars prequels

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away—which is what we call “a few weeks ago” here at The A.V. Club—we reported on Mike Klimo’s Star Wars Ring Theory, which implies that the prequels are designed to mirror the original Star Wars films, but don’t necessarily make them more enjoyable. Now, information retrieved by Bothan spies (who are alive and well, by the way, living it up in the San Fernando Valley) has revealed that there‘s a documentary on Klimo’s theory in the works, The Prequels Strike Back.

The feature length film is being crowd funded on IndieGoGo and has already reached its initial goal of $3,500 and is now aiming for a stretch goal of $10,000. (At press time, the current total for the project is $9,325.) The documentary promises to “take a fresh look at the Star Wars prequels with radical new theories.” Mastermind (and possible Sith Apprentice to Sith Master Klimo) Bradley Weatherholt says in the project trailer, “no time is better than now for this documentary. With Disney’s ambitions plans for the saga, Star Wars is more relevant now than ever. We think it’s helpful—or maybe even therapeutic—to take a look at the prequels and really come to terms with them.” And even the most vehement prequel denier has to have a morbid curiosity about those who stand by Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, and Revenge Of The Sith, right?


As with all crowd-funded projects, there are many points of entry, from $35, which will earn backers a copy of the film on DVD, upwards to $1,250 for an executive producer credit, which will allow backers to more accurately cosplay as “yes man” Rick McCallum. Weatherholt says his goal is to have the documentary finished by the time The Force Awakens hits screens this December.

Click here for the IndieGoGo page, check out the trailer below, and may the Force be with you.

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