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Get involved, Internet: help Eugene Mirman bring his comedy festival to Boston and Cambridge

Comedian, writer, and actor Eugene Mirman has sponsored his own comedy festival, the aptly titled Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, in Park Slope in Brooklyn since 2008. But now Mirman is taking the festival on the road, with four nights of comedy in Cambridge and Boston June 28-30. To help with the independently produced festival events—which feature H. Jon Benjamin, Bobcat Goldthwait, Wyatt Cenac, and others—Mirman started a modest Kickstarter campaign with a great little video about how he doesn’t want to sell out to “some really cool urinal sponsor,” instead raising the money by doing silly things for fans. He’s offering rewards such as “10 seconds of silent eye contact…at the Official Eye Contact Booth,” an “Hors D’oeuvres & Hugs Hour,” or a tour of the Lexington Battle Green—where Mirman worked as a teenager—followed by lunch at a Chinese restaurant (what, no official Bob’s Burgers tie-in?). Or if you’re feeling more generous, you can sponsor all of the caviar at the festival for a mere $2,000, or  help fill the cardboard VIP room with “bottles of cognac, pillows, and tasteful 1960s pornography.”


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