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Nathan Fillion, the actor of choice for fans of wry crime-solvers, canceled sci-fi series, and the Uncharted video games, is one of the most recognizable Edmonton, Alberta exports since Tommy Chong and Michael J. Fox headed south to make their names. And yet, despite doing his hometown proud through decades of film and TV work, Edmonton has failed to celebrate their boy with a city monument.


Well, the people have taken the matter into their own hands now, drawing up a petition to create a long-overdue “Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion.”

Hosted on Change.org, a website that only hosts the most serious calls for action, the petition is requesting support for its plan to “honour great Edmontonian actor Nathan Fillion” with “a small building on” the park set to be created in downtown Edmonton. Importantly, the text makes clear that this structure should be called “The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion.”


At the time of writing, the Fillion pavilion has drawn the support of just under 8,500 people, making it very likely that fans of wordplay, charming actors, and shaded outdoor buildings will get this sucker across the finish line before long. With a little luck and some good scheduling, perhaps the structure could even be ready for a Canada Day unveiling, the guest of honor of course being Nathan Fillion, maybe dressed in white and vermilion, reading a rousing excerpt from The Silmarillion while broadcast live on TV for a viewership of at least a million.

Make your voice known by signing the petition here.

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