Though Bob Dylan is a global music icon today, he came from humble beginnings, born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota before his family moved northeast to Hibbing. As the most famous son of the City on the Hill, it makes perfect sense that a local artist wants to place a bronze statue in tribute to the legendary songwriter. Minnesotan sculptor Tom Page has designed a 12-foot tall, 8-foot wide sculpture of Dylan walking with his guitar, lyrics blowing away in the wind, with plans to place the sculpture somewhere along Highway 61 in tribute to Dylan’s album Highway 61 Revisited, named for the route that stretches from north of Duluth all the way to the Mississippi delta. With a $75 contribution, donors can have their names engraved on a plate around the sculpture, and higher levels offer more prominent sponsor name placement and miniature replicas of the sculpture. The project even has the endorsement of current Duluth mayor Don Ness. It’s not quite the no-brainer that the statue of Robocop in Detroit was, given that Dylan didn’t spend his entire childhood in Duluth, but it’s a striking design for a sculpture, and the low-budget introductory video is rudimentary and charming.

Visiting Bob Dylan’s hometown