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Get Involved, Internet: Help Astron-6 build monsters for a new horror film

Two members of Astron-6, the horror-movie collective behind Manborg, Father’s Day, and the upcoming Portal To Hell—in which Rowdy Roddy Piper fights Cthulhu—have a new movie in the works. And they need your help.

The new film, The Void, comes from writer/directors Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie, who, besides their Astron-6 work, have created special effects for the likes of Pacific Rim, the recent Robocop remake, and Hannibal. In their Indiegogo pitch, they make the argument that contemporary films eschew practical effects in favor of cheaper-looking CGI because the CGI can be implemented in post-production, when time—and therefore money—is less of a factor. The duo are confident that, with proper funding, they can create realistic monsters in pre-production, and that an awesome-looking, scary film will result.


In that film, a police officer brings a blood-soaked figure to a rural hospital, only to find patients and staff alike are transforming into something inhuman. Perks for big-money donors include a walk on the red carpet, visits to the set, an FX apprenticeship with Kostanski, and a role in the film—sort of. For a $10,000 contribution, a cast of your face can be incorporated into “one of the key monsters.” So if you have a love of low-budget horror and practical effects, some spare cash, and a terrifying face, here’s your chance to be forever immortalized in someone’s nightmares!

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